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德州龙演讲协会成员杨鑫在Toastmasters 50区国际演讲比赛中获得三等奖

杨鑫在513日举行的Toastmasters 50区国际演讲比赛中代表CRTKL演讲社中表现优异,获得三等奖。在她名为“最重要的事”的演讲中,杨鑫不同寻常地道出了普罗大众的社会期望和他们对幸福与成功狭窄的定义。




如果需要知道德州演讲社的更多信息,请通过http://www.texasdragon.org/中“Contact Us”下的在线表格联系演讲社主席马峥。

Taxes Dragon Toastmasters Member WonThird Place at District 50 International Speech Contest

Xin Yang, representing the CRTKLToastmasters Club, won third place at the District 50 InternationalSpeech Contest on May 13, 2017. In her speech, titled “The Most ImportantThing”, Xin reflected upon social expectations and the stifling ways theydefined happiness and success.

Yet it was not an easy victory. As a non-native Englishspeaker, she faced an additional challenge in overcoming the language barrier.Nonetheless, it didn’t stop her from advancing through the Area and Divisionlevel speech competitions. At the District contest, Xin found herself facingsix fellow competitors, each of them representing their Division. Her months ofhard work paid off, however, and she delivered an inspiring speech whichresonated with the audience of nearly 400.

Xin is also a member of the Texas Dragon Toastmasters Club.She joined Texas Dragon two years ago, and credits it as helping her improveher communication skills. Although she was initially shy and afraid to talk infront of the public, she grew in confidence and skill during her journey as aspeaker. Due to her valuable experiences, she encourages others to take theleap and join a Toastmasters club as well.

“We are not only a club, we are a community, and a family,”she stated. “We help each other to grow and improve our public speakingskills.”

The Texas Dragon Toastmasters Club meets every Saturday during05/20 to 07/22 from 10:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M. at the UT Dallas Science LearningBuilding SLC 1.102 instead of their usual meeting place, Texins Activity Centerat 13900 N Central Expressway, Dallas, TX 75243-1008. As with all Toastmastersclubs, it promotes the importance of public speaking, and offers a supportiveenvironment in which those speaking skills can be practiced. For moreinformation about Texas Dragon, please contact club President Zheng Ma via theonline form under the “Contact Us” tab at http://www.texasdragon.org/.




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