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Sothebys Macallan Print Catalog 4-2020-2.jpg
永合豐與世界知名的蘇士比(Sotheby's) 拍賣公司合作推出本公司所收藏的麥卡倫威士忌珍稀系列共30瓶,  此30瓶並於4/6開始在 Sotheby's 網上進行拍賣, 拍賣日程將會持續到4/19/2020為止.
Sothebys Macallan Print Catalog 4-2020-4.jpg
此30瓶麥卡倫威士忌珍稀系列為本公司於2005購入, 並於酒窖內收藏至今沒有動過, 並有麥卡倫威士忌酒廠直接認證.
麥卡倫威士忌在拍賣市場上屢破世界紀錄,尤其以此"珍稀系列"更為稀有. 最老年份甚至早於第二次世界大戰, - 1937年份, 相信必會帶來相當的可看性.
Sothebys Macallan Print Catalog 4-2020-8.jpg
此套酒是本公司最值得注意及最有價值的珍藏之一,相信對威士忌收藏家來說一定更有價值, 畢竟難得可以一次收購數瓶.  有興趣的收藏家歡迎進入Sotheby's網站瀏覽資料 www.sothebys.com
Sothebys Macallan Print Catalog 4-2020-12.jpg
30 Extraordinary Whiskies fromThe Macallan Fine & Rare SeriesTo Highlight Sotheby’s Online Wine & Spirits Sales ThisMonth

DISTILLED | THE MACALLAN FINE & RARE COLLECTION FROMWING HOP FUNG + MOREOnline Auction Open for Bidding TODAY Through 19 April Featuring an Extraordinary Group of 30 BottlesSpanning Five Decades of the Iconic Macallan Fine& Rare Series,On Offer from Los Angeles Specialty Retailer Wing Hop Fung Purchased Directly from The Macallan in2005And Led by the Legendary Macallan 56Year Old 1945Estimate $38/50,000 New York, 6 April 2020 – Sotheby’sWine is pleased to announce two exciting online auctions to be held this April: Distilled | The Macallan Fine & Rare Collection From WingHop Fung + More(now open for bidding through 19April) Connor Kriegel, Head of Auction Salesfor Sotheby’s Wine in New York, said: “Following thesuccess of our March sale series in London, which included a new auction record for any bottle of Japanese whisky, we are verypleased to present these two online auctions this month. Offering more than 300lots, these sales will present collectors with the opportunity to acquire someof the very best bottles in both wines and spirits.” DISTILLED | THE MACALLAN FINE & RARE COLLECTION FROMWING HOP FUNG + MORENowOpen for Bidding through 19 April THE MACALLAN COLLECTION | PROPERTY OF WING HOP FUNG Our spiritsauction is led by an extraordinary and rare group of 30 bottles from thelegendary Macallan Fine & Rare series, on offer fromspecialty retailer, Wing Hop Fung. Spanning five decades from 1937 – 1972,these iconic whiskies were purchased as a single set directly from The Macallanin 2005. Each bottle, in its original wooden case, was delivered to Wing HopFung on 26 July 2005, by then Macallan Brand Ambassador, Mark Izatt, who alsoawarded a Certificate of Authenticity to the owner of Wing Hop Fung, Mr. DaytonOng. Per this document, at the time that Wing Hop Fung acquired the collection,the retailer was the "only location in North America to house, in itsentirety, The Macallan Fine & Rare Collection.” The collectionhas been stored in Wing Hop Fung’s private cellars ever since and was onlyrecently removed by Sotheby’s Wine Specialists this year for the April auction.In addition to the collection’s sterling provenance, the highly-coveted Macallan Fineand Rare 56 Year Old 1945 distinguishes thisexceptional offering, carrying an estimate of $38/50,000.
Sothebys Macallan Print Catalog 4-2020-1.jpg
Thisoutstanding ensemble comes on the market following Sotheby’s exceptionalresults for whisky in 2019: The Macallan was ranked #1 spot on the list of TopSpirits Producers in our annual Wine Market Report. Moreover, our October saleof The Ultimate Whisky Collection in London – Sotheby’s firstlive auction dedicated entirely to spirits and the most valuable private whiskycollection ever sold at auction – saw a new world auction record for anySpirit, when the The Macallan Fine & Rare 60 Year Old 1926 soldfor $1.9 million Establishedin 1985 in Los Angeles' Chinatown, Wing Hop Fung has become thepremier and trusted location for Asian products in Southern California. Meaning“Together, Forever, Prosper,” the store offers the best in Chinese herbs,premium loose teas, ginseng, Asian delicacies, housewares, and fine wine andspirits. Jonny Fowle,Sotheby’s Spirits Specialist, said: “Macallan is, undoubtedly, theworld’s most collectable whisky and at the core of its most coveted expressionsis the Fine & Rare collection. This collection achievedits cult status due to a number of qualities: vintages that stretch back tobefore the Second World War, age statements that exceed half a century andundeniable quality throughout. It is only the most savvy and determined ofwhisky collectors who have been able to build a truly comprehensive collectionof Fine & Rare bottlings over the years, and it is rare tofind one with such provenance. It is not only an honour for Sotheby’s to bringthese bottles to auction, but an exciting opportunity for any collector to beable to build and complete their own meaningful collection of TheMacallan Fine & Rare.” CJ Lin, FineWine & Spirits Advisor for Wing Hop Fung, remarked: “We are verypleased to present our Macallan Fine and Rare collection towhisky enthusiasts worldwide this spring, and privileged to be in partnershipwith Sotheby's. Beginning with our first acquisition of 2000Chateau Mouton Rothschild almost two decades ago, Wing Hop Fung hasbuilt a fine wine and spirits collection that will satisfy even the mostdiscerning palate. Our passion and dedication to fine wines and spirits hasestablished our loyal relationships with wine growers, producers, importers andbrand ambassadors. The Macallan Fine and Rare collectionisone of our most treasured collections, and we hope it will be acquired bysomeone who can enjoy the legacy, spirit and prestige of this set.”
Sothebys Macallan Print Catalog 4-2020-10.jpg

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